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Pre-Order Restaurant ITÄMÄEN TALO
- feels like coming home -

Itämäen talo is located in the magnificent Ostrobothnian environment. It is a nostalgic meeting place for family parties and gatherings and for business events. At Itämäen talo you can celebrate peacefully and in privacy all year round. Itämäki is located three kms from Seinäjoki centre towards Vaasa. Our yard is great and our parking place is large. We offer delicious buffét dinners and coffee service. You can even order our delicacies to your home. 


The story of Itämäen talo began in 1795 when Kyösti and Kaisa Itämäki built their home in Heikkilänmäki. It was a traditional country house with its fields and cows. The post office of the village was located in Itämäen talo and the village people enrolled themselves to the confirmation school there. The house has remained in the family ownership and was inhabited till 1984. 20 years ago the house got a new role, it was renovated and decorated and started as an order restaurant.  In accordance with Itämäki old fashioned style the restaurant offers rustic, authentic, delicious home made food.  The buffét table can serve maximum 60 people. For dessert the guests can enjoy rich coffee and tasty sweets. You can even order our beautiful layer cakes to your home. 

Itämäen talo has two large rooms for the guests. Maximum 60 people can be seated in the rooms.  You can celebrate weddings, confirmation parties, memorials or company recreation days at Itämäen talo.  Our environment provides your event with a classy atmosphere.  

Story of the hostess

My name is Kaisa Loppi and I am the hostess of Itämäen talo. I am educated hotel- restaurant manager and a cook. I moved to Seinäjoki in 2005 after having been studying and living in Helsinki. I had never imagined myself moving to South Ostrobothnia and starting my entrepreneur career there. My whole family jumped into the unknown and we started our new life in South Ostrobothnia. After a while I noticed that the South Ostrobothnian entrepreneurship was very contagious. So, in 2009 , when it became possible to me, I started my career as the first female entrepreneur of Itämäen talo. 

I have a passion for arranging events and parties. It gives me delight and strength to work smilingly.  I enjoy a lot when I meet different people and can help them to arrange unforgettable gatherings. 
When I for the first time stepped into the house, I was astonished. The spirit of the house carried me away and I have noticed how nice it is to work "at home". I hope that the unique atmosphere of the house will be conveyed to the guests as well.  

Contact information
Kaisa Loppi, tel. +358 (0)50 557 0440
Itämäentie 3, 60420 Seinäjoki